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Re: Is anyone Pilot R3's out front?

My 2 cents;

I ussually run Avons, but tried the PR3 up front with Avon rear. Not bad. Im fairly agressive, foot peg wear and tear. Handling is "about" the same and the PR3 gets about 5-6k higher mileage. But I ride everyday and in the rain. In the rain nothing compares to the Avon storms. the Avon just gives me more confidence. The PR 3 is good but not great. I just changed a set again and went back to the Avon front. Still the best handling rain or shine, I am willing to suffer the mileage for the confidence.
Just my opinion.
Note: I would never run Dunlops even if they made one for us.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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