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For me the iPhone has become the central communications tool. So much so that I carry a spare when I travel. With the J&M Integratr IV , I finally got everything working the way I want it to.

I have SiriusXM, Pandora and iTunes for music/books on tape, Navigon for GPS navigation and of course the cell phone for incoming calls from the wife (where the hell are you? you promised to be home three hours ago!!). I have the Valentine 1 radar detector audio running through the Integratr IV.

I'm wondering what issues there will be, integrating the iPhone with the K1600 on-board system. I don't know if the bluetooth connection will support the audio out from the iPhone, while running Navigon and Pandora at the same time.

I guess I'll have to break down and pair the iPhone to the BMW GPS, but then I don't think that type of link will support audio from Pandora or iTunes from the iPhone.

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Guess you'll just have to wait & see. I'll pair my phone with the GPS & then take advantage of the FREE 1 year Sirius plus my I-Pod & I'll be set. :D

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The iPhone/iPod doesn't pair with the bike via bluetooth there is a hard wire connection that brings the audio into the bike then the connection to the helmet is via bluetooth. As far as multi-tasking with Pandora and Nav we'll just have to wait and see...

From the Press- Release...

Audio system with extended range of functions.
The audio system itself has likewise been newly designed. It has interfaces
for MP3 players, iPod and USB stick as well as for conventional devices such
as a CD player. These are housed to the right in the interior trim and available
for the K 1600 GT as a special equipment feature ex works, while the
K 1600 GTL has them as standard. With USB/MP3 and iPod it is possible
manage a number of playlists. Alternatively, all titles can be played randomly.
The selected volume level and current title are shown on the TFT colour
monitor. External devices can be housed in a lockable, waterproof and
ventilated storage compartment in the interior trim on the right where they are
excellently protected from the weather. They are operated using the Multi-
Controller and the audio control panel.
The radio function also includes the satellite radio Sirius XM, available in the
USA and Canada, and offers a 24-channel memory. Channels can be chosen
either manually in conjunction with the memory function or using the scan
function which selects the station with the best reception (Autostore). The
current channel is shown on the colour monitor. The speed-related volume
control function can be set at three different levels. In addition to the functions
provided by the Multi-Controller, the audio system can also be operated by
four buttons in the interior trim on the left (audio control unit).
Navigation system integrated in the vehicle electrical system.
The BMW Motorrad Navigator IV available as a special accessory is integrated
in the vehicle electrical system if the customer chooses the special
equipment features audio system or preparation for audio system, which are
available ex works. This means that the most important functions such as
zoom or voice output can be operated using the Multi-Controller. In this way,
the rider's hands can stay on the handlebars - there is no need to use the
Data is also exchanged between the navigation system and the vehicle
electrical system. For example, the navigation system automatically relays the
date and time to the instrument panel or suggests the nearest filling station
after a certain residual range has been covered. The TMC data of the audio
platform also enables dynamic routing so as to avoid congested traffic.
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