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Having had trouble with the Bluetooth from the Zumo to the Scala / SRC I have had given up on the BT setup and went wired.

I went with a wired Intrgratr to the J&M professionally installed in my Schuberth and all has been well.

I received an iTunes gift card for $50 and decided to try the Garmin Nav App for iPhone.

Click Here

I just put 4 trips and 1500 miles on the new iPhone / Garmin GPS and it worked VERY well.

For $59 I got the North America Maps.

One key thing is that the APP does not use data and works if there is no cell signal.

I have not tried all the features like the "Integrated Google™ Local Search" or other functions but for navigation it seemed to work well.

One interesting screen was this one

I would think that this would use data.

The app also installed on my iPad but the screen is optimized for the iphone so it is not as pretty as the iphone...

anyone else trying this yet?

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Thanks for the info, which is encouraging for those of us who would love to replace our Garmin GPSs with something much better.

While I don't want to buy an iphone 5, just don't use a cell that much, i did start looking for an alternative to see if I can use similar software for GPS. I discovered un locked cell phones made in China sold as blu cell phones here.

At home I don't use my cell often, occasional texting. when riding though i want to be able to get on the internet to look up information; getting a unit that would also be a good GPS would be excellent. It it replaced my garmin 665, then it might even be worth spending more on the cell?

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