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Intermitant Brake Failure Waring Light

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This started out simple, I thought. Brake failute light would come on steady after a full boot up of systems and ride off. The flashing light would go away, as it is supposed to, but sometime later (this varies) the brake failure light comes on steady and stays on. Sure, first thing I thought was I need a new battery in my 2010 RT with a little over 12 K miles.

Then strange things started happening: In addition to the above, the steady warning light would go off and then come back on again later (time and mileage varies). Or it would just say off like it is supposed to do after displaying a steady warning. Sometimes with a complete bootup, the warning would switch to steady without going off. Then sometimes it would turn off.

What is going on? What does the combined wisdom of this forum think this problem is?

I do not have a GS911, but I do have an appointment with my dealer in a week. Good thing still under warranty.

Ultra LT
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You may have rubbed the shielding off of your brake line. Earlier year RT's had a recall on the front brake line. My 2010 RT had the same problem almost immediately and was fixed under warranty. Go to your dealer and get it fixed while it is still under warranty.
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