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I installed a used RP-1 unit on my LT. Everything works well for the most part. The problem I'm having is, intermittently, I can not get audio from my cell phone through the RP-1. I'd say 80% of the time it works fine. The other 20% when I initiate a call I can't hear the "please say the contact name" from the phone, even though it is displayed on the screen. Also, once this occurs, I cannot hear incoming calls. I have not tried extensive troubleshooting yet, such as reboot the phone while leaving the intercom on, or rebooting the intercom while leaving the phone on, etc. Cable reconnects do not help. Usually when the problem occurs, I do not have time to try and troubleshoot. The intercom mike goes active during these periods no problem, but voice commands are not recognized by the phone.

Has anyone else experienced this or have an opinion where the problem lies? Other troubleshooting suggestions? My guess is it's the phone, which is an LG Sprint phone. How reliable is the headset mode on some phones?

Maybe taking my wifes phone on a couple rides would help nail it down.

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