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After doing the calibration modification to my speedometer (2001 LT) the lights on the instrument panel no longer work. The clock and gear indicator come on but are not lit, and I cannot set the time on the clock.

While the plastic was off the bike I also hosed off the dust and bugs that accumulated from my ride to Alaska. I've taken several rides and waited several days to see if drying out would solve the problem, but it hasn't. I disconnected the plug that goes to the bottom of the instrument panel, sprayed in some contact cleaner and reseated it, but still no lights.

Fuses are OK.

Is it true the lights just come on when it gets dark? If so, how can I check if they are working in the daylight?

There may be some other plug that became dislodged when I did the speedometer mod, but thought I'd ask for suggestions before removing all the plastic again.

Thanks for your thoughts.
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