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impressive sign

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Comments please :wave
I got this on a recent trip thru MO.
My first time seeing anything like it. So I had to ride to the next exit and come back around just to soak it in. Yeah and get a picture too. We need more of this signage in more of the states. I also saw one for Semi-trucks but not advocating for them :histerica :histerica
ride safe :bmw:


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The same signs are all over Central Texas too.
We have them in CA also, not that it helps any.
May is National Motorcycle Safety Month, and Ohio does a decent job of promoting it with signs like this on interstates. (photo from

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OK that makes 4 out of 50.
All I'm saying is in my travels (36 by auto & 19 on m/cycle) my first time seeing such a sign. Seems they should be more abundant and in every state. Motorcycling is growing in leaps and bounds and more of us older riders are into cross country touring. More awareness healthier riding environment. That's my 0.03
ride safe :bmw:
Here in Colorado as well.

I wonder how effective they are.
Lost another Soldier, yesterday,
when a 41-year old lady turned left in front of a Soldier and his wife
who were traveling 2-up on a four-lane divided highway.
He was killed; she is in serious condition in the hospital.
1235 in the afternoon on a bright, sunny day in a sparsely developed area.
You can add Massachusets, New Hampshire to the list. I think it is a national campaign,
Look Twice that started in Georgia.
sfarson said:
Here in Colorado as well.

I wonder how effective they are.
Don't know how effective they are.
But the thing is putting them out there. I would hope the more we see them the more aware others would be of us.
I have seen deer crossing, school crossing, railroad, firehouse and such signs but that was my first time seeing one representative of what I do. Even state police hqrts. get some recognition. OK I will shut up and enjoy the ride :rotf:
ride safe :bmw:
this one got my attention...

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Zombies,,,,were they taking bath salts and living in Miami?
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