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Important to 376C Owners

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Last week I had my 376C malfunction. Did some troubleshooting with Garmin, no luck, TVNAV.COM shipped me another one. Great people to deal with.

Today, same problem on a different unit. What was different. Nothing that I could tell**. Unit would continually just shut down, or not start, or would start without XM antenna (BTW, the XM serial is in the antenna, not the unit).

Darrel, TVNAV informed me that I should take a look on the Garmin website and there is/was a firmare update V.2.7 that just came out 10/06/05 and that addressed this problem.

Downloaded the firmware, unit works like a charm.

**ONE OF THE MAIN ISSUES WAS CHANGING SETUP TO "BATTERY SAVER MODE". That was what was causing the problem.
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Man, you're killing me. I just bought the 276 around 6 months ago. How do I go to Sandar the mag and tell her I want a 376?

grifscoots said:
Man, you're killing me. I just bought the 276 around 6 months ago. How do I go to Sandar the mag and tell her I want a 376?
It's for your mutual safety! What else?
Dood, she's spoiled snotless so I can remain spoiled snotless.

After the Pioneer, double din navigation system with Sirius that I put in la trucka I'm just not sure how she'll handle the words. It's finally raining some, which causes the metal surgically implanted to act up and I'm not quite sure I can outrun her at the moment. I know I can't outrun hot lead.

Gotta meet this woman

DaveDragon said:
Sue & I had a "discussion" that went something like this:

Hey Baby :), Remember when we were riding out to CCR in Breck and we stopped along side I-70 to put the rain gear on under the overpass and got soaked from the road spray off the 18 wheelers?

Uh Huh.

Ya know if we could of seen the Weather Radar we would have seen that the rain was only a mile or so wide and we would of passed right through it and stayed dry if we had not stopped to suit up!

Uh Huh..

Remember me telling you how the GPS died during the 12 hour downpour in Washington and Oregon this summer?

Uh Huh...

I got you a present :)

Uh Huh....

I'm sure when the knot goes down my helmet will fit comfortably again :)
I met Sandar the Magnificent at CCR. Now I just gots to meet Sue. ;) That would of happened this week 'cept the service team down Florida way let me down. :(
I don't reckon I'd mess with Sue, either!

Me too

DaveDragon said:
I think Sandar The Magnificent and Sue the Dragon Slayer were cut from the same cloth " :)
I think I got one from the same stuff. :( ;) :) I have convinced her I need a GPS yet. The "Honey, I won't ever to stop and ask for directions again" line just isn't working. :p
I always found it better to ask for forgiveness then permission.
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