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Ilium Highway Pegs & Sport Boards

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Hey guys,

I'm just about to put in an order for Ilium crash bars for my 2019 R1250RT. I'm thinking I'd like some highway pegs. I was surprised to see so many options on Ilium's website. What have you guys tried and what do you like or dislike about them? They have a page on their website for "Which highway pegs should I get" but it appears to be broken. I've emailed Ilium in the meantime. I have about a 33-34" inseam.

Basically the options are upper mount fixed, upper mount adjustable, lower mount fixed, and lower mount adjustable. I've done some searching and reading and some people seem to think the upper ones are too high and too far of a reach. The adjustable option would fix the reach problem as I believe they stated you can bring them up to 5" closer.

The issue I see with the adjustable options is that the bar that the foot peg is able to slide back and forth on looks like it could bend into the valve cover in the case of a drop. Not sure if this is the case or not, I asked Ilium this.

The low mount pegs look like they may be more comfortable? I wonder how easy these would scrape when leaned over?

Anyone using their sport boards? Opinions on those?
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I have also called them a couple of times. Very helpful.
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