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I finished mounting my I-pod and thought I'd share some photos. Although I have an Autocom system, I wanted to run my I-pod through the radio system (for reasons I'll explain), so I bought the I-simple TranzIt system, basic control. It plays the I-pod through an antenna interrupt system and charges the pod too - something I liked. Another convenient option is that this antenna plug is compatible with the Lt's, so no extra adapters.
I wanted this system because I wanted to be able to hear the I-pod when I ride without a helmet, didn't want to screw with the dice system, don't have an aux pin in the back of my radio, and didn't want to waste the last Aux port in the autocom (I used that for the phone). This system will also work for several I-phones, but I don't know much about them.
What I did was to remove the stingray, then separated the bottom from the top. This opens up the access to the oddments box, which was where I wanted to store the I-pod while I ride. I removed the rubber "O"ring from the bottom, then used a pencil tip soldering iron to melt a groove wide enough to accommodate the cable. Either end of the cable it way too large to push through. I also drilled a hole for the on/off switch, which is pictured below.
There was plenty of room to store the control box underneath the stingray, near the stock harness connectors, so I used 2 sided tape to secure the box, and zip tied all the wire into small bundles.
It plays very nicely through the radio, and obviously uses those volume controls. Anything else needs to be controlled with the I-pod. And I wired it through a keyed power source so as not to inadvertently drain the battery.
I'm pleased enough with the quality of sound that I'm going to buy another one for my truck.


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