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I did it!!

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I test drove an LT today and DID NOT drop it!! :dance: :dance:

Seriously, was my first LT test drive and I was super intimidated after reading all the drop threads. Once I got underway all was great, it sure is a high revving engine!

I didn't have any problems with slow speed, but i didn't do a whole lot of maneuvers. I just did what everyone says, stop straight, eyes up, first gear, left foot down. I know I need a LOT more practice to be comfortable with it, but it wasn't as bad as i had feared. I am on the shorter side and could just barely flat foot this LT, a 2007. the 2002 I had wanted was sold, and i could easily flat foot it...

It is a heavy bike and i could easily see how it could go down, especially with the super sensitive brakes!

I only rode about 20 mins so it wasn't a complete test drive, but i loved it.. very comfortable and easy to maneuver at speed.

There was a 2005 that had a Mayer or Long seat, not sure which, but it made it very difficult to put both feet down on that one, so i didn't try it.

So now the search is on, thanks to everyone on this site for all your help, and many many hours reading threads..

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There were some geometry changes to the front end on 2005 and up models that makes it easier to handle at low speeds. The '02 that you were looking at will ride differently than the 07 you test drove so bear that in mind. Others can comment more authoritatively as I have yet to ride an 05+ model with the modified rake (I think that is what they changed).

When I let someone ride my LT or give advice (like I'm qualified) to anyone riding one for the first time it is this: respect the weight of the LT but do not fear it. I think being afraid will in the end get you in a worse bind than just knowing it is a factor and you have to plan for it. I know everyone talks about how easy it is to drop, but as far as maneuverability I find it to be only a smidgen (technical term) more challenging than my R1200C.

If the price is right on the '05 and the colors are compatible have the dealer swap the custom for the stock. Also, don't forget to check the shock preload adjustment before any more test drives if you are a bit on the shorter side of things, if I had to guess I would say that is why you couldn't flat-foot the '07 you rode, and you might be able to flat-foot the '05 if the preload was set right. The guy I bought my LT from didn't even know that there was an adjustment :)
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