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For those of you who don't know I bought Lee Wilson's (Lee510) 2000 Canyon Red LT. It was T-Boned this last Oct. buy a 17 year old kid. I would like to have it on the road by this spring. I bought his LT for a few reasons. I will now have a spare LT for me as well as others in the area when there LT needs extensive repair. I will now be able to do more in depth repairs at the tech. sessions here. If we can't get it done because of time or parts needed there will be a LT available. I also would like to loan it out to experienced riders who would like to fly into Charlotte NC to ride in the mountains. I have every receipt from my 2004 LT over the last 80,000 miles (tires,brakes,lubricant's, insurance & regular maintenance items) that will enable me to figure out what the average cost per mile is. As long as I can break even & add a couple of cents per mile to cover unseen repairs I should be able to keep and maintain it in excellent running condition.

Here is the list of the parts that I need. Right Radiator Right Foot Pad Assembly (with brake pedal) Upper Right Engine Cover Right & Left Lower Engine Covers Complete Right Crash Bar Assembly (with both covers) PM me with a price if you have anything for sell.

Thanks: Dave


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