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I was watching an aution for a hydraulic center stand. I busted my cap and have it "rigged" but if it went cheap enough I may get it.

Anyway, with shipping (for me) its around the $150.00 MAX I was willing to part with to get it.

Would be a nice addition to an older bike.

I wasn't worried (since I was using the cap), but beware this 06 was in a FIRE.

Anyway, I've go no financial interest in the auction, just thought for a different use, it may go cheap.

By the way if you do get it, rebuild it before installation. THe oil is probably "coked-up".

EBAY Center Stand Auction

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DanMartin said:

+1 on that!

Especially since it is fire damaged. I would use the side stand for life before I would have paid that price.

What is new I wonder?
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