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I have a 2003 (European) LT. Whan the seat is in lowest position, I manages OK the heighth but still I could wish a tad lower seat.

My friend is lower then me, and I am 178 cm and he struggles in getting in touch with the terra firma. He needs to tip from side to side and using the toes to hols my beast upright.
Stilll he has thoughts about getting a LT, but theres his height issue.

So my question is:

How LOW saddle can he possible get, not nessesearly BMW seat, and still retain the comfort of a LT?

I know that the answer might be on the forum, but as this isnt my native language, I seem to not quite find the correct phrase for an good search.

So I appeal to the good helpers on this forum to assist me in finding an answer to our question.

Thanks in advance..
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