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Hated to put the bikes up for the winter here in Detroit. But the girls were in unheated storage, with no power for battery tenders, so off to storage they went.

But I am going crazy not being able to ride. Being from the south we pretty much ride all year long. I was planing to fly home to Atlanta for the holidays but.....I am cancelling my ticket and going to invest two of my vacation days hauling my K Girl south, 750 miles each way in holiday traffic, just to have the chance to ride for a couple of days while I'm there.

I know you guys and girls understand completely.......

And when I get back, I'm moving from the hotel I have been housed in to a house with a garage so I can bring both girls home. Then, I can take them out on the occasional "rideable" day that may come along. But I am happiest about the fact we will be under the same roof so that I can at least go into the garage and just look and them, pamper them and crank them up just to hear them run. Maybe a new paint job and new Cobras for the Valk, new GPS for the K and fix the cowbell rear disk....

Like I said....I know you guys and girls understand completely.......
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