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Hoosier Poetry

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The final stage of a national poetry contest had come down to two finalists. A collage professor and a local Hoosier.

During the final stage each contestant had to make up a poem using the word Timbuktu.

The professor went first, he got up to the podium, thought for a minute and said.

"Across the searing desert sands, goes a camel caravan
Men and camels, two by two
On their way, to Timbuktu"

The crowd roared, wow that was good.

Now the Hoosier took the podium, paused and said.

"Me an Tim a huntin’ went
We comes across three girls in a tent
They was three, and we was two
So I buc one and Tim buc two"
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So... who won the contest?
The Hoosier of course!
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