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This is my ride report for what was intended to be a Bun-Burner Gold ride, but was derailed into a Bun-Burner 1500. Hoss (shoswell) had submitted a write up here about the ride from his point of view; however, my reputation was damaged by his implications that I swear profusely while stranded on the side of a desert highway, miles from civilization, while watching your goal of an extreme IBA ride go up in smoke...

The ride was fairly uneventful, for the first 1,229 miles. We made very good time until shortly after our refueling stop in Wendover, NV. About 33 miles west of Wendover, I experienced rear tire failure (looks like I picked up a heavy duty construction staple). This was about 8:45 pm, and fortunately, my tire pressure monitoring system did its job. I got to the shoulder of westbound I-80 at the 377 mile marker just in time to hear the last of the air leaving the tire.

If you don't have one, I highly suggest the TPMS, which I have velcroed to the dash. Saved my bacon, as my tire didn't fail catastrophically while I was going 85 mph. Get one!

Two attempts at plugging the fairly large hole were unsuccessful, so a quick call to AAA was made for towing assistance. About 3 hours later the tow truck showed up, which meant my bid for the BBG was scuttled!

Once the tow truck was secured, my buddy Hoss continued on in pursuit of his BBG. Check out his writeup (link above)... The Bastage made it! :dance:

The next town (Wells, NV, about 24 miles) has nothing more than a small casino (which was appealing to Hoss, because there is a $1.99 buffet), and a Les Schwab Tire store. I got a hold of the manager at Les Schwab – they would NOT service the tire, because they are a car/truck specialist (which didn't surprise me...). The next best shot was 5th Gear Powersports in Elko, NV; approximately 70 miles away, according to GPS. The tow ended up billable for 71 miles towed (not counting a “5 mile charge to load the bike”). Yes, it is possible to be charged 5 miles while nothing is moving!

This was the tow truck driver's first time loading a BMW ("I've done a million Harleys" :rolleyes: ).

It was about 1:30 am by the time I off-loaded the bike at 5th Gear, and checked into the motel next door. The tow truck driver was surprised that I would "just leave a bike" in front of the shop like that, but I assured him that no one was wheeling an 800 lb. bike with a flat tire away. At 9:00 am on the 5th of July, I was waiting at the door as the cycle shop opened, and was the first in line.

I was already constructing a backup plan... Odds were that this small shop (mostly dirt bikes & quads) would not have a tire. I had to be on a plane in Sacramento later this same day.. Rent a car? Have Hoss haul ass and get my brand new tire sitting at home or make a run to the BMW dealer in Reno?

I thought that most likely, I would be changing my flight from Tuesday evening to first thing Wednesday...

As luck would have it, the cycle shop had a rear tire in stock. Mounted, balanced, and out the door at about 10:30 am, I actually had a shot at the Bun-Burner 1500, since I had until 3:19 pm!

Hoss met me along the way (he had completed his ride, and stayed overnight in Fernley, NV), and ran interferance with his radar detector.

At 3:05 pm, at odometer reading of 37,345, I got two witnesses to sign my form, after buying gas in Soda Springs, CA. I got one customer to sign, and he was hesitant to provide exact address information. He did give me his phone number. The other person that signed was the cashier inside, who would only give her first name, and the station’s phone number.

Trip mileage Statistics:
* 1,596 BMW Odometer miles.
* 1,527 Microsoft Street & Trips Miles (1,598 from start address to finish, less the 71 mile tow).
* 1,522 GPS Miles.
* Total time elapsed from start to finish: 35:46. Considering the 14 hour delay (flat, tow, motel stay) I would have easily made the BB Gold... :mad:

On the upside, between AAA and Foremost Motorcycle insurance, the tow isn't costing a dime - and the tire was actually on sale! I made my Wednesday morning meeting in L.A. to boot.

I am disappointed that I did not get the BBG; I was in the home stretch and way ahead of schedule when the tire went! Oh well, that will give me something to do in the future. I am psychologically awarding myself the "Honorary Bun-Burner Gold"! :D


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