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Highway plus speed.

Quick glimpse from the left, see a streak, coming in low.
Quick body/control check, all is well.
Pull over to give the bike a once over.
Feathers, lil blood splatter, no visible damage.
Get back on road, no issues.
Three quarters the way through an 800 mile journey.
Arrive at destination.

Two days later, brake fail light.
Low reservoir, weeping front line near caliper.
Fill reservoir.
Finally, the need (over want) to order a set of Speiglers.

Nurse it back home, occasional feather coming through lil nooks & crannies on ride home. :confused:
Couple days later, brake lines arrive. Bike picks up strange new odor.

How this poor guy ended here as his final resting place is up there with the JFK's bullet trajectory.


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yeah, unfortunately it happens. I collected a small magpie in the radiator on a highway run a number of years ago... saw it fly toward me from the side but not past!
Found it when we got home.


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