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jayz9705 said:
Looks like you got back from Brazil, huh, Don?

So how was it??

What happens in Brazil, stays in Brazil...:)

What a great adventure it was... the road where great, very little traffic and the food was plentiful and good, the scenery both landscape and body was something to behold.

As soon as I sort things out I will post a few select pictures.... Between our group we got about 5000 photos, so I think I can find a few to share.

Davis Bales and Brazil Moto tours, was better than my expectations... Davis indeed likes to eat well and stay at only the best resorts.. the pictures will attest to that...

Visit Brazil again? in a hearbeat...;)

I will have a ton of pictures at STC...

more later..
1 - 2 of 2 Posts