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I just completed: Spiegel SS brake line upgrade,
Throttle cable upgrade
Oxygen sensor replacement
Air filter
Fuel Filter
Spark plugs.
Gas Tank SS quick disconnects.

I ended up having to take it to the dealer because the bike was running really bad and the fuel mileage went down to 27mpg.

There was another fuel related problem that masked itself as a O2 sensor.

The fuel pressure is supposed to be about 40psi. My bike was only running about 10psi, and this set a O2 code in the computer.

Turns out the fuel pump assembly located in the fuel tank had a split hose and the leak (in the fuel tank) would not allow the fuel pump to build the 40psi fuel pressure.

It did cost me $240 to get it fixed, but I would never have found the split fuel line in the fuel tank. I had stripped the tupperware off the bike to save a few bucks on the mechanics labor cost. I figure I saved about 3-4 hours of shop time.

I do think the bad fuel/air mixture problem did cause the computer to richen up the mixture and may have overheated or damaged the O2 sensor.

I am now a happy camper.
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