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A friend asked me to come help install a new Zumo 665 on to an 09 LT. I volunteered to help because I stupidly said "oh, I've done that twice with my RT, it's a piece of cake."

It isn't a piece of cake on an LT. So we're restarting this next weekend, but I promised to dig up all the needed stuff to get this done.

1. I purchased a harness for my RT. Can't remember the number (so if someone has it, please drop it here), but it's got to be the same for both the RT and LT. Of course, I could be full of poop on that.
2. On the RT it was tied into the CANBUS system, so it would turn off when I turned off the key. Hopefully, it's the same. But, where is this connector on the LT?
3. How/where/what do I attach the motorcycle mount on the LT. It looks like that part that sticks up (I think everyone calls it a stingray, but I could be wrong) can hold the mount, but I'm not sure. Or would you recommend putting it somewhere else?
4. how do I wire this into the sound system to listen to the GPS commands and XM radio? I figured I'd use the AUX in, but it looked like an odd plug (different size, maybe).
5. I'm open to something more elegant if there's a suggestion.

Any help would be appreciated. I apologize if there's a thread somewhere else, but I could only find the 550 which is different, at least for me.
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