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Hey all,

Unfortunately I’m trying to locate a high beam light assembly part number: 63127673501 for my 2005 baby. I recently discovered that yes the front suspension can compress so hard that the fender will come all the way up so far it will crush the mounting points on the light. :mad: Just glad I had both hands of the bar when I hit the hole in the road.

Has anyone else had this happen? If so, do you have to remove all the tupperware and the whole cowl to get to the screws? :confused: Are the mounting screws attached to the low beam or the cowl? I can not see the tear-down on the micro-film or in Clymeres.

Any help finding one less than the $400 BMW wants would be great. I have tried Beemerboneyard and Ltparts, with no such luck. Want to see if anyone has "that one random extra part" in their garage.

Thanks in advance,

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