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I recently bought a new pair of BMW Countour boots, but I mistakenly bought one size too big.:( I didn't discover this until I had worn them on the street and couldn't return them. Now, the Countour boot has an unspectacular looking sole that grabs the pavement amazingly well. It also has a fairly thick sole that give us short inseamers a little boost.

I had tried various sources in an unsuccessful search to get a thicker sole applied to my Alpinstars. I had also considered thick-soled Timberlands but the shifting looked too cumbersome.:confused:

The real surprise was the result of trying to make the one-size-too-big boots fit. I cut a cardboard outline of the insole and then added a Dr. Sholl's sprort gel insole. The boots the fit fine, but I noticed that I was now flat-footing at stops.:D This one-size-over refitting might work for some of you others who find the LT vertically challenging.

(BTW, if you want to try REALLY vertically challenging, go to your local Buell dealer and try to mount a Ulysses. I'm sure glad that the salesman at Battley's was near-at-hand to catch me and the bike!:))
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