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Help (again) from the collective.... Radio failure...

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First off... 2005 LT, Complete with everything.... (and then some)

Most know, the LT is not new to me and I've done the basics already.... My issue is a dead Radio and Comm... Its all factory OEM.

The Display shows (radio) but does not reflect a station. Repeated attempts to turn on/off fail. To add insult to injury, the comm system does not work either.

I've disconnected the Negative for 20+ min, still nothing. I just disconnected both the -/+ as well. Hopefully that will do the trick?

Yes, I've checked the fuzes, yes I had just washed the bike! :mad:

Suggestions? Comments? John Z? (First to give the correct solve gets two rounds on me @ CCR!)
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shoswell said:
...endless cursing and screaming at Gretchen because she "ate" another bolt...
If your LT is like mine, you'll be sorry for using foul language directed at her. I'm afraid you'll pay for that! :histerica You won't know when, where, or how, but you can bet she'll have her revenge! :wave
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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