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Difference in costs between Canada and U.S.

I found the same thing in Calgary. I saw an 02 LTC at a dealer here but they wanted $20K. I then found an 02 LTC (through this list) complete with matching Unigo trailer and numerous upgrades to the bike. After dollar conversion PLUS the cost of shipping from Halifax to Calgary, I still came out ahead and got a bike set up exactly the way I wanted. My wife and I flew to Virginia this summer to pick up the bike and it was a pleasant adventure riding up the east coast and around Nova Scotia before shipping it back home. Bit of a pain with the Imperial vs. metric on the speedo and trip computer but it was worth the trouble and I will repeat the process for my next bike.

Dave Broughton
Calgary, Alberta
2002 K1200LTC
1993 K75RT (For Sale)
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