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Hello everybody,

I joined in Mar '14 but haven't been much active.

I have a '06 K1200LT, in graphite.

Live in Nicaragua, Central America, and have another (very flawed) BMW bike, a K1200R.

A friend of mine, a BMW mechanic from Costa Rica told me that if I wanted a reliable bike with minimal problems, I should buy the LT.

I did, and buy is this thing reliable.
Almost flawless.
I say almost, because I fix bikes for fun, so I fixed all the stuff wrong with this bike before I bought it (for a friend).
Major was the ABS pump, and the stanchion seals.

After that, it's been tires, brake pads and oil.

Well, the radio is crap, so that's in process to be fix (just one speaker).
and I'll be doing some major maintenance soon (Spiegler brake lines, fuel/air filters, spark plugs, brake pads, and all fluid changes.

It's been an awesome bike. People just assume that there's a mothership hovering above, and I'm just scouting the land.

I'm so glad I bought this bike. Wish the K12R were this reliable.

So, cheers to all!
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