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cessna said:

I have been giving the F650GS a lot of thought or maybe the Sertao. I don't want to give up the RT but want to add something for easy dirt riding. I am thinking the GSA may be too big a beast for what I am looking for.

If you're really planning on dirt riding, I would encourage you to consider something in the 650-800 size (i.e. KLR 650, BMW F650, BMW 800 GS, or my favorite, Suzuki DR 650). The first time you drop that 1200 GS (and you WILL drop it if you're doing any dirt riding at all), and have to pick it up while standing ankle deep in the mud on the side of a'll know why I'm making this recommendation. In those conditions, 200 lbs lighter makes a BIG difference.

While I know this is a BMW site and the 1200 GS has certainly earned all the praise it receives, if you're interested in a larger dual sport bike, the Yamaha Tenere has also been well received by the motorcycle mags. I checked one out at the Seattle motorcycle show in December...very impressive.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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