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Just had rear seal replaced, along with rear bearing and tranny bearing/seal. Symptoms- Leaking, of course and a slight "clunk clunk" when grabbing the wheel at either 12 and 6 or 9 and 3 o'clock, and pushing/pulling back and forth. Not enough to see, but enough to feel. I'm sure the movement is in the rear drive area, not the swingarm.
I perceived the movement prior to taking to the dealer and was disappointed to find that the play was still there after the work and called the dealer who stated that the slight movement was normal.
I looked in the manual only to find that this test was used for checking the swingarm bearings, but no mention of rear drive. I know some have talked of shimming the rear drive to eliminate play but could not find mention of the subject.
Who has physically tried this and to what result? It takes a pretty good push and pull to get this movement. I believe I would have to jig up a dial indicator to measure this play to give an idea of the amount I'm talking about. I'm trying to get some more insight before I imply to the dealer that they didn't do a proper job.
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