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Have to quit

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:( I have to quit riding as of today due to constant vertigo. I will say that for the past 2 years my 2010 RT has been the best ride I have ever had. What really makes me angry is that I finally have everything on the bike perfect for me and I have to stop. Maybe some day if this gets better I might be able to ride again. So for all of the info I have received on this forum (by far the best one) I thank you all. Safe riding to all of you.

If anyone is interested I will be selling everything for my bike because looking at them makes me sick to my stomach and breaks my heart.
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I'm really sorry to hear this, but it is an extremely good decision to make. Riding while impaired in any manner is a one-way ticket to nothing good.

Good luck to you and hope that you're able to get back in to the saddle.
Before you bail on the RT, maybe a visit to a good ENT specialist. Sometime the vertigo is a result of simple problems.
Hey, Paul - truly sorry to hear about your vertigo situation. Don't put all your faith in turmeric, butt google "Turmeric for vertigo", if you've not already read about it. Good luck.
What I have is floating crystals in my ear. I have done the therapies to help this but It always comes back. I just don't know when it's going to come on. The dizziness has struck me a couple of time while riding and I barely stayed upright. I have three kids at home who need there father. BTW my wife has not pressured me at all to get rid of my bike because she knows it's my release after a busy day or week of work. There is nothing like that thrill of puttIng on the gear and riding. I am going to miss it. :(
Are you OK to drive a car?
Sorry to hear this Paul. Sounds like the smart move for self-preservation, though.

Sorry to read about your problem. I had ear problems several years ago . . . but not as serious as what you have. Even then, with my minor problem, riding was out of the question. Thankfully I got better.

Have you thought about getting a Ural? If you enjoy riding get something with three wheels.
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