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I received my BMW System 6 Helmet with installed Bluetooth today so I got it synced with the bike and thought I would see how bad it sounded riding. It had been raining all day and our drive way is long with a 90º turn from the garage to the road. The gravel doesn't bother me but the patch of grass in the middle was wet just were I make the turn well the rear wheel got to test the traction control and I am happy to report it works as advertised, the bike stepped sideways by a couple of inches but no real drama at all. Oh and the Bluetooth audio in the helmet beats the dash speaker by a longshot, it could not considered hi-fi audio but not bad at all. The BMW helmet is quiet, doesn't have any air leak sounds, the sun visor is fantastic and the double pane clear visor is very clear, distortion free and did not have any fogging issues during my cool damp ride, 14ºC and drizzle.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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