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Guest Liability Inc

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I have a 2011rt and ride two up quite a bit. I keep hearing that i need guest inc, seems that most co. only offer small limits such as 10,000 max. This is not much coverage for a motorcycle accident. Does health inc. cover a person in a accident? If a rider must be personally liable for all bills then it would be wise for a person who owns a home and has any money not to take a chance with a passenger.
I would hope with all the riders i see two up there must be an answer.

Thanks Richie
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If you ride two up and the passenger is not an family member (who will not sue you) you need extensive liability insurance that will cover all aspects of your passenger's potential injuries from an incident, medical, loss of wages etc. . As we all know motorcycle accident injuries can be horrific, a hundred thousand will not cover it. When I was young and single this never entered my thinking process (not much did!) but now I never would take a passenger for a ride unless it was an on the road emergency. Many insurance companies offer "umbrella" riders for their policies that raise up liability to a million dollars or so. Now you have me thinking. I just might adjust my policy, you never know if some kid runs in front of you or some other horrible thing.
$0.02 from the Heartland: On the question of your health insurance, typically your health insurance will cover you in the event of an accident (review your coverage) - however, depending upon who's at fault, there may be subrogation issues, but the carriers will work that out. It's well to have adequate liability coverage in any event, whether considering your passenger, or other property damage or personal injury that you may be responsible for whether driving a car, motorcycle, or liability incurred otherwise. Consult your agent and review your insurance contract to take care of this potential liability, and then enjoy riding with your passenger.

Kansas medical insurers cover injuries from motor vehicle accidents if you do not have medical coverage on the motor vehicle policy. My understanding is that they do so only because of state statute and that only three or four other states have similar requirements. Check your policy carefully and get your assurances in writing.
Lawyer hat on:

Umbrella policies are really inexpensive relative to coverage. If you have any kind of assets, or think you might inherit something down the road, it is really a great idea to carry one. As noted, a minimum level liability policy will cover about 10 minutes in a emergency room, and the typical 100/300 or 300/300 is woefully inadequate if you are held liable for any kind of major injury, and given the litigious nature of the country now ("Have you got your check today?" injury lawyers advertising) I would suggest that anybody with anything of value needs an umbrella policy.
I may be misunderstanding this but most inc co. will only insure for 10 thousand and one will go to 20. This is for guest liability. Our 250/ 500 and such liability covers damage done to property or persons not on our bikes. Allstate will only cover a guest for 10 thousand, that's not much.

Richie1 said:
10 thousand, that's not much. Richie
That is one CAT scan and some pain meds while in the ER. :(
Read your policy. Then call your insurance agent. Nobody here knows what coverage you have or need. No one here can give you the answers you need for YOUR situation, and stand behind those answers.

FWIW, my liability insurance from Progressive has limits of 250k per person/500k per accident. Coverage is for anyone on my bike with my permission. For years the limits were 100k/300k. Then the company providing our house/car umbrella policy insisted I raise them to the 250k/500k level. I was thoroughly pissed (who are you to tell me what to do, etc.) Then I called my Progressive agent - the increase was only about $2 per year.

Talk to your agent.

beech said:
That is one CAT scan and some pain meds while in the ER. :(
Not even a sponge bath from a nurse? :D
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