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I have had my GTL for about a year.
I was off to do a two week tour while on vacation. I took the bike to my selling dealer Eurocycles of Tampa from whom I purchased the bike. They are an excellent dealer and I have been generally pleased with them.
The bike has issues. The starter failed. (4500 miles on it) There were no replacements available.
It is now 9 days later and the starter has arrived however without a spacer that may or may not be required. The dealer has inquired of BMW but they do not have an answer. I contacted BMW customer service first 9 days ago and spoke to first a Duaa and then an Ata for assistance regarding the repair and trip interruption. I was told to expect a call back. I did not get one until a week later this time from a Jody Snively who said that no decison had yet been made on assisting me! She was to call me back again but has not as of yet. I have left her a couple of messages since.
I have incurred hundreds of dollars in hotel bills and transportation back to my home in Tallahasse some 250 miles away. My vacation is now ruined.
This is BMW's flagship long distance touring machine?
I have over $30k invested in it. I also have an issue with the bluetooth sound from the XM radio module which is extremely distorted. BMW has not seemed fit to address this problem either and has not returned my calls nor the dealers. I have called Schuberth and they said the problem is with the bike's electronics.

This is extremely disapointing. This is my seventh BMW motorcycle but may well be my last.
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