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Well I got a chance to ride the Ulyses yesterday,

I was a little disappointed but then again I am comparing this to the
R1200GS , there is no comparison IMHO

the bike did good in the curves although the suspension was set up for
about a 20 lb rider not a 185lb rider so it was loose as a goose and
you really felt it in the curves when you ran over any difference in
road height, it had plenty of power for sure, it liked running about
3500rpm and up it was quite jerky below that

it will not make a good long distance mount as I had hoped, the
steering on it was too short IMO great for a track but not so great
for actually riding the bike everywhere, it was so short it made me
wonder just how good it would do off road, I personally thing the
steering is poor for a dual sport type motorcycle. it was tall, which
was fine with me, seating position was fine as well as the reach for
the handle bars although not quite as good as the GS for me.

Vibrated! WOW I forgot how much these vibrate!

I did however like the xb9cs it would be a great bike for living up in
the mountains blasting around these tight twisties in third gear all

I was hoping for a less expensive ld mount for traveling out west so I
could blast up to the old ghost towns through central CO. saving the
cost of the R1200GS

but if you compare the two MSRP base price tags they are not enough
apart for me to go down to the buell, right at 3k more and have the
R1200Gs non ABS which is a far superior ride for long distance better
handling better ride quality much smoother and a great power curve

that said I can not say the Useless is a bad bike, just not meant for
my riding style long days traveling with it

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