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Here we go again...

I have an '06 LT Voice Comm II. The Kenwood FRS/GMRS works fine thru the VCII and using the BMW PTT as long as it is in the odiment box or to the right side of the tank bag. Any where else I am able to hear but transmitting gets lost in the ground loop. So this is livable.

The issue is I have a hand held Midland CB (75822 with their mobile hook up for power and cb antenna). Powered directly from the bike battery on a fused cig lghtr plug and it is hooked to the BMW CB antenna. SWR is great. Works fine with the ear bud and mic plugged direct to the cb (cumbersome). I had the properly wired connecting cables made for the Mid to match the VCII but if it is plugged into the VCII I can hear but not transmit. I.E. ground loop. I have aquired the matching 6 pin male din to plug into the pre wired cb female din on the VCII under the tupperware just to the right of the odiment box and can get that wired for the Midland to be compatible as well.

Is there a ground loop isolator out there that will allow the Midland to be used with the VCII and where would it be installed i.e. on the cables between the Midland and the VCII or on the power source side?

Also I noticed the VCII unit does not have and obvious ground and my understanding from BMW CB install instructions are to ground the metal unit that the VCII sits on. Any one know about that. As I was in there a while back I attached a ground to it but stll the same issues. It is still on the unit but not attached as a ground just loose for maybe attaching later if not pulling it off all together.

As some of you know I have been 'dealing' with this for a while. Even broke down and ordered the high dollar BMW CB several weeks ago. But as of last week they had like 26 on back order for months so I cancelled it and am trying to make this work thru the system.


Thank you
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