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Hey guys ... Has anyone else had this problem?!?

I've got an 06 Ocean Blue K12lt with grey seats and pads and the top case arm rests (that surround the rear speakers) are developing a brownish spotting... Looks almost like mildew.

Bike has only been in rain a couple times and I've always cleaned her up. Tried a number of products to clean this up and nothing is working. It appears the armrests are so porous that moisture trapped in the rubber or whatever this stuff is ... is allowing mold/mildew to develop and it seriously looks like $#!t...

ANY help, solutions, similar experiences would be greatly appreciated. This is pathetic to happen to a bike of this caliber and age.

I tried cleaners like Armorall Cleaner, a 3M cleaner and protectant and even Lysol to try and kill the mildew?

Just keeps coming back.

The alternative is buying new armrests for $600 a pair and THAT's not gonna happen...

Help me out ... please...
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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