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Got my 2005 LT back from shop today !

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What a pure joy to ride, totally awesome !
I had the 48K service @45K miles which included flushing the brake lines and new fluid. The FD fluid looked clean and no chips on plug, trans fluid changed and synthetic in motor with BMW brand filter. They also replaced the trans final seal and drilled the weep hole in bell housing for me and put a rubber plug in it that I can use if necessary in bad weather I guess. Had an EDC rear rotor and new pads installed for squealing brakes and very loose floating rotor. Took her for a 50 mile test run and all seems good ! Total bill was around $1,041.00 of which $668.00 was for labor so I feel that is not too bad, although I could have saved a bundle doing it myself, but could have also had a disaster bleeding the ABS system etc. LT is new to me and first service done by BMW Master tech sounded good to me. Flushing the brakes lines and adding new fluid was most hours of labor, even more than the rear trans seal. Still hard for me to get used to the LT rattle and knocking noise at idle and up to about 1500 rpm. I had the tech and service manager listen to it with the tupperware off and they say normal.I have read all the posts on it here so, no problem, I will have to get accustomed to it.
Now I need to plan my trip up to Camden, Maine and all points "down east" I
always stop at L.L. Bean for a coffee and look around.

Thanks to all for the advice and replies when LT was in the shop last week!
I will do my own oil changes etc. from this point on.
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Congrats Willie! Now enjoy the season!
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