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Slammer has until now used a old Canon Ixus compact camera to take you along with me on my trips around CH.
Lately the chip card went all bolschie on me and I could not get another, it had a whopping 256MB memory, ironic really because the 256MB card is a memory too.
The next largest at two gigs did not work but I managed to get hold of a 1 GB thingy and that worked more or less, depending on the camera´s mood at the time, it had gotten cranky in it´s old age.
Then the battery died.
Time to get a new camera..
At MediaMarkt I saw a Samsung WD600 on offer at 120€ so I bought it.
This thing is semi-sentient in it´s own right, it has more functions than I know what to do with but that does not matter.
It can make it´s own opinion and decides autonomically the best settings.
Just point it and push the button and even that is not necessary, it has face recognition and if you smile at the bugger it decides that you like it and "it" (now and forever known a "She") takes the picture all by herself.
Frankly this kind of tech in a cheap 120€ mass-produced camera scares me shootless.
With all the cameras installed in our inner cities just try to imagine the endless possibilities, hack your way into the system, easy by the way, and show it a picture of a politician or somebody high-ranking, tell the cameras to watch this person and when they go into a brothel take a picky and e-mail it to the gutter-press if you do not get a million by sundown.

Good morning Basel

Good morning Basel at 15X optical zoom

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Wowzer!!! 15X optical? "M" would be proud.

I thought my Casio sumpthin' or nuther did good - no contest. Congrats on the new find.

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..Good morning Basel..
..Good morning Sybil.
I tried it on this Aussie guy in the pub and got:
"Yes, you know Faulty towers?"
…Don´t you just hate it when a joke backfires...
"Ah Hellooo! John Cleese"
"Monty Python?"
"Aw yes! Montee Pythonne, that guy still making movies?"

Still I am slowly getting used to my new camera, she is lovely, don't want to say the wrong things in front of her or she may get angry with me, wimmin are funny that way, I was married once so I know.

Anyway back to Basel.

Why do I have that stupid Chris de Burgh song in my head..

..over and over..


Pure drinking water in the fountains, now that gave me a moment.

Yes I tried it, pure mineral water, no cholera yet.

..No Mr. Dundee, I beg to differ.
That is not a knife..

..that´s a knife.

On the shores of the Swiss main, looking over to the far shores of France (to the left of the bridge) and Germany (to the right)

Three countries in one view-finder. Eat your heart out Columbus.

Tot Ziens Sunisha.

Inne bar, inne bar, Ja was machen Sie da?

Waddya know, it´s beer O clock already.

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Can't have been an Australian, probably an Austrian... I hear they don't have a sense of humour.... :rolleyes:

nice pics btw!
15x optical in a compact is useful, particularly if its pretty wide at short end.

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Nice camera. Great photos. Isn't Europe great, just so much to see.
Rena uses a canon ixus to take photos on our tour, also nice results and very good video. Just going through the process now to sync 40,000 pics with 80,000 kms of GPS track data saved so far. Geo-tagging is not for the faint hearted !! Recommend getting the camera clock and GPS time spot on. 1 second is worth about 400 meters !! Lucky for me she often takes pictures of village and town signs. Also the way Garmin saved track files behaves with large time zone changes is horrible ! Oh well the cost of so much travel.

Keep shooting these great pics Ray. Plan to be back touring for August and indeed if we are down your way would love to catch up. Enjoy the mountains.

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