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Well, after many months of consideration, I finally went ahead and replaced my '99 LT with an '04 R1150 RT. I absolutely loved every one of the 19K miles I have ridden on the LT. But, the weight of the bike is a bit too much to handle in city / slow moving / parking lot style traffic.

FWIW, 2-1/2 years back, I went looking for an RT and came back home with an LT. Now, its time to get going on the RT!!

The new-to-me bike has 29,500 miles on it and has been slightly abused, in that it has prolly sat out in the elements for a little while, and has some cosmetic damages to the fairings, system cases, mirror housing etc.

I'd like to thank everybody for all the help and support given to me on my LT in the past two years. I don't plan to stay away from this forum for any reason. I'll probably spend a little more time in the RT sections :D
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