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Ive' been very pleased with my Nolan 102C, except there is NO room for an additional liner, doo rag or balaclava. Just barely enough room for the COM mic, without the foam cover. Otherwise, it is nearly a perfect fit as is. However, I need room for a liner as the temps start to drop in the 40's.

Took a run to look at larger helmets today, nothing fit in a modular, except this Gmax. I would need one size larger, special order and no return, so don't care to do that. Web dealer I buy from shows that size no available at the moment. For $125, it has as many and some better features than the much more expensive Nolan. Wish Nolan would have used a similar visor ratchet and detaching system.

Just wondered if anyone has used the helmet and could offer any comments?

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