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This year on the way to the Iron Butt Don Arthur had an unfortunate accident. Don Norwood and Averill Townsend worked together with the attendees at this year's Curve Cowboy Reunion to produce a video get well carf for Don. Don's response to that video is here. We have uploaded the video so that all of you who wish to view it can do so. There are three files, all in Windows Media format and they are quite large.

115mb Windows Media

150mb Windows Media

195mb Windows Media

Thanks to Don Norwood and Averill Townsend as well as all of the attendees at Curve Cowboy Reunion 2005 for puttting this together. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

I posted this in the main K1200LT forum as well, but will keep it at the top of this forum for a while.
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