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Geotagging, sounds simple when you say it quick. :histerica
Well I guess it could be, BUT !
Rena and I have been touring Europe now for some time, camping mostly, still loving it.
We really enjoy the riding. Down load a track log about monthly from the Nav II and now Nav III. Whenever I thought it was getting full.
Almost 80,000 kms so far. Thought it might be nice to recall our trips one day. :)
Rena takes the pics while we are on the move. Actually about 30,000 (as pillion) so far and counting. That's the great thing about these P&S digitals. Just blast away. Image stabilised is great too.
Didn't know any thing about geotagging, certainly wasn't on our to do list. Having some time at present and a good internet connection, got me thinking about combining both to present a pictorial diary of our trip. Seems reasonable.
We use Macintosh ( with XP-Pro running on a Bootcamp partition ) so all references are based on that platform.
When we started Garmin only ran on windows ( hence the XP ) It's getting better but BaseCamp is no match for Mapsource. IMO
There has been a known conflict using date / time between the two OS via bootcamp and by choice I've really only worried about getting the Mac time OK, the XP was never accurately set and I've never really worried about the time zone.
Photos saved initially in iPhoto, but we have migrated to LightRoom as I enjoy "tweaking"
What I've discovered so far:
Everything hinges on time. Very accurate time ! Each second error is worth about 400 meters ! Nothing to do with your speed either :)
Thankfully Garmin references GMT (UTC) That's good, eliminates one variable. However it will display based on the computer "Time Zone" (NOT time displayed) No problem if you don't zip about too much, but we do. GMT +/- up to 11 hours. So I just set GMT except that now 10.6.7 OS only allows for BST ie GMT+1 **##@@! Becomes very important when locating the relevant track log point.
The clocks in cameras are not too good at keeping time. But I would recommend setting up GMT in the camera also and taking a photo of the GPS time display including seconds, at the beginning of each riding day. Believe me it will help later. Our saving grace has been the fact that 99% of our riding has been during daylight hours so times of eg. 22:00:00 stand out as just being wrong. Another great clue is to take pics of town and village names. Very good at junctions displaying road numbers etc. Marks accurate time and position.
Co-ordinates will need to be aligned between GPS device and tagging program but generally just to accurately fix an "offset" picture to locate it either on the mapping program you use or google earth. I prefer Google Earth as there are more visual cues.
Easy to do on the internet. I found this one.
I theory you just dump a whole load of pics into the program, load in the relevant track log, fix the position of one photo to determine the "offset" and apply to all the pics in that set. Instant location. Easy. Well it isn't. Well, not yet but I'm making progress. :confused:
These are the programs I'm messing around with.
Garmin BaseCamp
GPS Babel
Google Earth
This project is still a work in progress, but it is certainly worth doing.

Happy clicking. :toast: Cameras that is.

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...then when you've mounted your stereo gopro's onto the bike and helmets to capture the beautiful scenery as it passes, you can have the fun of editing all that and tagging it to the track routes too.... :histerica

Sounds like youve dived in deep with it Hilton!
I'm sure you'll have it perfected ready for next seasons batch of memories.
No wonder you needed the tech break!

Cheers from us. :wave

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Hi Guys, how you doing ?
Hope Kerry's foot is healing OK, not so good in the heat with a cast no doubt.
Read up about your repairs, sounds as though they'll see you home.
Setting up our next odyssey, the broadband here really helps.
Yes, I will for sure do our photos with more care for the Geo and Track Data issues.
Must admit it does absorb my time here very nicely.
Take care and enjoy the ride.
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