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Done this ride 5 times now..

Been through the lower states and up the Appalachians. Had a great two days on the Blue Ridge and through Penn.

Been through the middle of the country and in to Ohio and Penn and Upper New York state.

Been under the great lakes and through South and North Dakota. Up in to Canada and over the lakes also..

Only have 3 weeks to play and I have to be on the Cape for the 4th of July.

I ride one day with the gps set to fastest route and the next day it is set to the shortest route. Have seen some awesome back roads and spent a few days just hauling ass across the flat lands.

Rode in the rain from Dallas to New Jersey one time and was so hot and bug spattered coming home that I had to stop several times and clean the windscreen and face shield so I could see.

Bike only left me stranded once, Final drive at 61 k let go in North TX and had to get a ride back home to get it fixed and catch a plane.

Think everything is ready to go and now I am just waiting for the calendar.

Not sure which way I am going this time but am leaving Phoenix on the morning of the 21st of June and will be returning sometime around the 12th of July.

Any suggestions on routes?

Kind of pressed for time so can't screw off too much but I am thinking run along 70 for a while and take detours off of it. Just to get a little farther north and in to the greenery a little sooner.

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If you get in the southern Ohio area, route 26 through the Wayne National Forest from Marietta to Woodsfield is a great ride.

Also, in northwest Pennsylvania, the ride through the Allegheny National Forest from Oil City to Kane along route 666 is nice as is route 6 through northern PA.
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