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Hello all, :wave

After many years of respecting this forum, as a multiple previous BMW owner, a hiatus for a few years, I've decided to purchase an RT. I have a few options (see other thread in RT section).

I'm coming from a Triumph Sprint GT (heavily modified with variable touring screen and bar conversion) and a career on GSA's so the decision to go to an RT wasn't hard! I have also been offered a dealer give-away brand new Triumph Trophy 1215 (2013 model!) but while I'll pay almost secondhand price, it will be a bit of a leper at resale. My history of keeping bikes isn't brilliant.

I now do about 20,000km a year and my day job as a motorcycle race Commissaire (cycling) and moonlight as a traffic controller and camera mount so that means a lot of that is at 40km/h controlling traffic and VERY close to cyclists, with "party lights" on my steed (approved by my local police) and UHF/ digital Comms as required. So the new steed will get an element of farkling usually only seen on Police bikes straight up.

My on-board system, in case anyone is interested is a Sena SMH-10, SR10 with UNIDEN radio and external aerial which linked to iPhone 6s for obligatory music. I have two helmets, a Bell MAG-9 and a Bell RS-1 that share the Sena unit. So the audio system isn't an issue but in Australia, since about 2010, all BMW's come fully-optioned only unless specifically ordered without options. Here, you delete options, not add them.

In our Western state, which is like a mix of Arizona and California, and about the size of half the USA, long distance touring is a thing. You can do an IBR in one loop of our state.

So I look forward to talking with you all as I go through the process of selecting and setting up the new (or new to me) steed to suit my unique requirements.

It'll be an interesting process and I'll post pictures of the mods as I go. First things will be the fitment of the party lights and UHF. I'll need a small top-case and tank bag but other than that, the integration of the onboard Bluetooth to my system will be a priority- at worst I know I can get an SM10 and hardwire that into the rear speaker plug etc etc.

Also some protection. Engine bars or scrapers, pannier bumpers and headlight/ radiator/ coolers (depending on model).

Take care out there, take the safer line and survive to hit the starter another time!
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