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gas tank movement

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I've noticed something a bit wierd about my 2008 RT lately. I have Moto lights mounted on the lower forks and often look down the steering column to check that I've turned them on since I can see the light in the reflectors mounted on the forks. The other day the lower lobe of the gas tank on the left side had moved in toward the forks so much that I couldn't actually see the light. I pulled over and pulled and pushed on the tank but it seemed firm. On the way home I noticed the lower part of the tank was sometimes about 1.5 " from the forks and at other times it was as close as 1/2" away from the forks. I pulled the fairings off on the left side and the tank is in the mounting lug and doesn't feel loose...just can't figure out whats going on.

Anyone else notice movement of this lower part of the tank on the left? It doesn't seem to matter if its empty or full but does seem to move more as speed increases. I can usually stick three fingers in the space between the forks when parked but it occasionally moves so close to the forks when travelling that I can only fit one finger between.

any ideas?

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In plain English, that tank will not move if it is mounted correctly.

There are 4 mounting points and all 4 have BRB's... Big Rubber Bushings. I'll bet a (theoretical) dollar to a doughnut that one of the 4 mounting points has a bolt, but no BRB or even no bolt/bushing at all.
Nope, took all the tupperware off today and all 4 mounting sites were I'm really scratching my head. While I had it apart I added a freeway Blaster horn using the spare horn socket that was taped to the front fairing crossbar.
Anyone have any ideas on the tank movement or flexing that I'm getting. Its not an illusion as when I see it close to the forks I stopped and measured 1 finger width between tank and left fork, when in the normal position its 3 finger widths space.


Re: gas tank movement pictures

attached are 2 pictures showing the tank in its normal position and flexing closer to the forks


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