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I know that this belongs in the GPS / MP3 section, but I am posting here to get the widest audience.

I have had 3 660 and two 665 from Garmin over the last 2 years and also a Scala Rider and a TWO Schuberth SRC bluetooth systems.

EVERY Garmin / Scala / SRC has had the same problem.

After 2 hours or so, the MP3 player starts to skip (it goes silent) for a few seconds. The player continues to "play" but no music or audio to thru the bluetooth speakers.

It skips and comes back in and then skips more frequently and then stays "silent" longer till it cuts out completly.

Like I said this has happened across 5 different Garmin GPSs and 3 scala/SRC systems

In fact jsut last weeek I just got a brand new SRC and GARMIN 665LM and went for a 3 hour ride today and after 2+ hours it started skipping. The ONLY commonality is my HEAD and MY LT.

It would not be so bad if all I had to do was re "pair" the SRC / Garmin but in the past it would start to skip right away and go out.

My iPhone plays music over the bluetooth for 10 hours thru the SRC but the Garmin fails misserably.

Now I am good at googling and cannot find ANYONE on ANY Forum that has experienced this problem.

I am reaching out to this wide audience to see if anyone CAN use their GARMIN and Scala/SRC for over 3 hours or longer of MP3 over bluetooth and NOT have it cut out like it does for me.

I am this close to getting on the bike in Orlando and finding the Garmin suport center in Kansas and showing them directly what is going on.

PLEASE let me know if yours works or what your experience is.

THANKS in advance.

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