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Talked with Garmin today asking for a RMA to return this, my third defective "refurbished" 665.

After waiting on cue for a while, a very polite girl starts reading notes on all of the units I've returned, seems to get confused, puts me on hold a few times as she gets more information. After the first put you on hold I recap, once again, my past experience and that I DO NOT want another refurbished unit! After more holds while she gets more information she finally comes back telling me that since all of my units have had audio problems they will only issue a return for testing. If they cannot duplicate this problem, audio via blue tooth stops around 50-55 mph, they will send the unit back.

Once again I went over what Garmin has and has not done to insure I have a fully functioning unit, that they offered me a new unit last time but didn't have any to send to me before my planned cross country trip, I once again insisted that this third defect unit be replaced with a new unit.

After more hemming and hawing the polite little girl tells me a supervisor will call me back within 48 hours. I've been through this before. Amazingly a supervisor does call within 48 hours.

What was obvious while I talked with the polite girl was that she did not have a clue about anything she told me, and didn't understand that the different defects in the previous two units was not related to the defect in this unit.

I'm not sure what I will due with a new unit?? Since it is new with all the new parts in the box, my gut is telling me to sell it and just use an auto unit out here until I need a waterproof unit for next summer's trip back east.

My hope is that by next summer, they might have a reliable unit? Or I'll have another reliable option.

Best from tucspn

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Bob, sorry to hear that you are having so much trouble with the GPS. This is not my area of expertise, and probably others can shed some light on what the problem might be. It seems really strange to me that the audio would stop, via bluetooth, when the bike reaches a certain speed. The only time something similar happened to me was when wind noise, increased by speed, was tripping the VOX on my headset. Please let us know if you find out what caused the problem.
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