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Okay, I just got an email from Barrett, who just got a call from the hotel management. It seems a few of you are jumping the gun in regards to your CCR 2006 hotel reservations.

You CANNOT make a reservation without your CCR confirmation number, and confirmation numbers WILL NOT be issued until I get the OK from Barrett and the hotel. Please refrain from contacting the hotel and trying to get a reservation at this point. The Curve Cowboy Reunion has the ENTIRETY of the hotel blocked for our event, so don't even try to coerce, bribe, or otherwise convince a Chateau Elan reservation agent into giving you a reservation.

In order to book a room at this hotel and take advantage of the reunion rate, you must follow these instructions:
  1. Register and Pay for the Curve Cowboy Reunion 2006
  2. Once payment has been received, you will be assigned a Confirmation Number via email along with specific instructions on how to make your reservation at the host hotel.
  3. Follow the instructions that are provided in your confirmation email in order to book your reservations at the hotel.
Note: The CCR has secured ALL rooms at the host hotel. Reservations at the hotel will be checked against confirmed CCR attendees. Any reservations which do not match the confirmed attendees will be cancelled.
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