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Sorry for beating a dead horse here, but for all the negatives I've read, I still have to say that this bike is just a pleasure to work on.
As some may know, I lost my rear main seal, resulting in the removal of everything through the transmission. Replaced the clutch, seals, slave etc., and enjoyed nearly every minute of the job - so far.
I'm still waiting on the proper shims so that I can complete the final drive rebuild, then install that and the rear wheel. After that I'll take it out of the shop for a good cleaning, then on with the plastic.
Everything came apart, and went back together like a dream. No fighting, no problem. I even made my own 30MM socket. Took all of about 20 minutes, and I even got the pleasure of using it twice - had to remove the swing arm again to tighten up the banjo bolts on the clutch slave (my bad).
Admittedly, I'd rather spend $1000 on something other than a clutch, bearing, seals and all else, but for the amount of pleasure my wife and I get out of this bike, and the comfort of knowing she'll go for thousands of miles more, I couldn't be happier.
For those concerned about all the "issues" reported on this bike - don't be. What a wonderful machine.

Of all the things that caused me the most trouble, it was repairing stipped bolts - one in the seat frame, and two on the valve cover. Obviously done by a dealer, as the previous owner never got in that deep. Someone 'heavy handed' those and stipped them. Couple of heli-coils, and better than new. Just a little frustrating.

And now back to your regularly scheduled programing.
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