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Fuel pump noise?

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Hearing a new noise and I need to diagnose what it is...

After a horrible commute the other day, I noticed an "electrical" sound that was new. At first I thought it was one of the cooling fans about to fail in stop & go traffic, but the bike never overheated and a listen with my helmet off confirmed they were not the source.

This faint sound, kinda sounds like an electric motor (high pitch whine) and seems to me coming from under the stingray. Only things I can think of down there are the fuel pump and maybe the ABS module (this is a '99).

Other than the sound, there are no other signs of trouble.

Any ideas?
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A stuck ABS relay is a common problem on the 99-2000 bikes. Pop the seat when you hear it and you should feel the motor running under the black side cover of the ABS unit.
If thats what it is, where is the relay? With the others under the tank?
No it is under that black cover near the motor


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J, thanks for digging that illustration out!

If if proves to be that relay, it's not the end of the world.

Started the bike yesterday, quiet! Hopefully, just a fluke...
I had a fuel pump go bad a few years ago on a trip down south and it started with a very faint 'whine' that reminded me of an alternator whine in a radio. It eventually got louder and I could verify it by turning of the key and then turn on the key to start the fuel pump only.. It was the fuel pump and noticable after a very faint beginning.

I called ahead to BMW of Atlanta and ordered a fuel pump and I made it there.. Got pretty loud. Changed it in a hotel parking lot where I was staying. I found some slit in the bottom of the tank when I took it apart so I went back to the dealer and got a new filter. You may have picked up some crap at a fill up.

Bottom line was I didn't think I was going to make it as it got louder and louder but I did run over 150 miles with the noise.

Good luck
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Had a 60 mile commute with no noise. Next day, noise came back on the afternoon ride home (heavy traffic). Warmer in the after noon too. Pulled into a gas station & after the fill up, the noise was gone.

Friday, the noise came back again just as I was arriving home (quiet on my morning commute). Popped the seat to hear better & the noise didnt seem with certainty to be coming from the ABS area. I was able to put my ear to the tank & it did seem to come from in there. So hard to be definite about anything as when the bike is running, the noise seems to be coming from everywhere & no where...

So one thing seems to be a factor - heat. No noise on my easy & cool commute into work. Chronic noise appears on the warmer & congested commute home.

I have a mechanical stethescope. Next time the noise sounds, I'll try to pinpoint with it. Otherwise, still uncertain whats going on...
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If it is your fuel pump, you can remove the gas cap and you will be able to hear at the fill hole real easy.
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