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I just finished my annual service at the 60K+ mile mark. Big Blue was running fine before and, gladly, after I finished.

This service period I did the valve clearance inspection (all were OK, thankfully), and pulled the injectors for inspection and cleaning. I took my injectors to:

David Faircloth owns and operates his shop west of Jacksonville. His WWW site is very informative and his service and turn-around time is great.

David cleans the exterior, puts them on a flow meter for the "before" test, then cleans them in an ultrasonic cleaner. He replaces the internal filter, both rubber "O" rings and a spacer on each injector then re-tests for an "after" report.

My injectors all flowed at 160cc/min on the initial test and required no addition internal cleaning. (Maybe that Techron really does some good!)

Because mine didn't need any additional service my bill was $45.00. If the whole protocol is required it's about $80.00.

If you need injector help, He's my recommendation for good fast service.
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